“Heart Like Mine” cocktail

This cocktail was inspired by secrets and things that are not quite what they seem. Much like the novel I recently reviewed, HEART LIKE MINE, the gin gimlet can be one thing and another without being wrong, it just depends on you, the drinker. While the gimlet can be made with vodka, we opted for gin in this week’s cocktail creation.


2 oz Junipero Gin

2 Limes

Splash of Martini Rossi Bianco Vermouth

Martini Shaker

Shaker Strainer


Fill shaker halfway with ice.  Squeeze juice out of  1 lime. Add remaining ingredients and shake several times. Pour through strainer. Use remaining lime to garnish.

Those who make the gin gimlet fall into two parties: Those who use fresh lime juice, and those who use Rose’s lime juice. We prefer the fresh lime for this drink. Some say the gimlet was first served by a ship’s doctor who made drinking lime juice to prevent scurvy more appealing by adding gin.

Do you prefer your gimlet with gin or vodka?



  1. I have never had a gimlet, but tonight my Friday night cocktail was a gin rickey made with fresh juice. I’ll add the gimlet to my list though.

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