Neighborhood Talk: Logan Square

There has been a lot of activity in Logan Square in the past year and the rest of the city (and country) is taking notice. David Tamarkin of TimeOut Chicago has taken his assessment of this mixed neighborhood to Bon Appetit magazine which you can read here.

There is a lot to love about the area if you love diversity and young hip crowds. I’ve had the chance to sample some of the local “flavor” the best way I know how, eating and drinking. On my trips to Yusho, we’ve ordered a couple small plates, Octopus and Duck breast which were succulent and pleasing to the eye. The highlight for me was the tonics made in-house (This is the same case at Billy Sunday, which is also owned by Matthias Merges). Not being a fan of gin, it has turned me on to the traditional combo of tonic and gin. I recommend a seat at the bar where you can chat with the bartender and watch the preparation of your dishes.

We tried Parson’s Chicken & Fish the same week that it opened which may account for some of the disorganization. They had not yet started serving food on the patio which meant there was only room enough for 20 people inside the actual restaurant. Luckily, it was a beautiful evening and we gladly sat at one of the long picnic tables until our number was called. The ambience was akin to sitting at a company barbecue. I’m very glad that I ordered the Michelada and I thought it far superior to the one that is offered at Big Star. Once we made it to our spots at the counter we ordered the shrimp salad, fried chicken and enjoyed both immensely. I may return here for afternoon for a few drinks

Not to be missed in Logan Square:

La Boulangerie

City Lit Books

Tastee Feez (On a warm weekend afternoon)

The Whistler

Longman & Eagle (Make reservations or stop by for a drink)

What are some other spots you like to frequent in Logan Square?


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