Heart Like Mine

Phew! What an emotional journey. We first meet Grace, independent and successful in her professional life but a little insecure when it comes to her personal life. She’s willing to marry the man of her dreams, older man Victor, even though he is divorced with two kids.  Even though Grace who doesn’t want kids of her own, the mother is there to take care of Ana and Max, and Grace doesn’t have to take on any of that responsibility. Victor and Grace have forged their private world where the children are present but never a burden.

From the first page we learn that Kelli, the mother, has died unexpectedly.

As the characters begin to process their loss, the perspectives begin to splinter and Amy Hatvany takes the readers into the minds of Grace, Ana and Kelli (before her death).  On the cusp of womanhood Ana is rebellious, fiercely loyal to her father and mother and she will do anything to preserve her mother’s memory. Grace is thrust into the midst of a grieving family and consequently is pushed to the periphery as Victor focuses on his children. Kelli’s perspective gives the reader insight into a weary divorced woman who always loved Victor but seemed destined to push him away.

As the tension between Victor and his children and Grace grows, they each uncover little clues about Kelli’s distant past that may provide closure and ultimately mend broken ties.

The arc of the story is pretty fluid and I didn’t feel that the shifting viewpoints were jarring or confusing.  Hatvany does a great job of capturing each of these characters in the midst of figuring out their lives. They are complicated and flawed but ultimately sympathetic. Without Victor’s perspective, his character is the only one that seems to fall flat. It sometimes borders on the line of being an over dramatized Lifetime script, but Hatvany knows when to exercise restraint without sacrificing the tension.

Overall: Multiple viewpoint mesh seamlessly into this highly emotional story about family, love and hope.

About the Author:

Amy Hatvany is the author of Best Kept SecretOutside the LinesThe Language of Sisters, and Heart Like Mine. She lives in Seattle with her family.

Author website:
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This book was acquired on my own and was not influenced by any outside party.


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